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Real Research Mobile Application

Our powerful features help you experience the best that an online survey platform can offer.



Our user-friendly app allows users to create and respond to surveys anytime, anywhere, using any mobile device


Fast and Reliable

Our app allows quick deployment of surveys with maximum global exposure and rapid data collection of honest survey responses from guaranteed qualified respondents worldwide


Free Rewards

Earn rewards upon completing Real Research surveys on the app. One of many features of our app includes the in-app wallet that allows secure collection, storage, and withdrawal of rewards



All of our services are provided and secured through cutting-edge technology. Thus, our platform guarantees enhanced security, efficiency, and reliability of all sorts of data gathering

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How Real Research Mobile Application Works

RR App Manual
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Participate in a Survey

Real Research allows users to participate in a list of surveys and values their thoughts by rewarding each respondent for every survey completed.

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Participate in Surveys

Our simple and timeless surveys make it easy for participants to relate to the topics.

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Share Opinions and Preferences

Our user-friendly, responsive layout of unbiased polls allows fun and genuine survey participation.

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Earn Rewards

Our respondents’ thoughts and opinions matter to us. Rewarding them is our way of recognizing the value of their judgments.

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Discover and Learn from Powerful Insights

Browse published insights with powerful charts and analytics. Real Research guarantees to provide vital survey analysis backed up by actual, secured, and unmanipulated data.

Create a Survey

Real Research offers outstanding services, carrying out your survey from creation, publishing, survey evaluation, and report generation.

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Create and Share Surveys

Create surveys in no time and share them with hundreds of viewers in several ways. Remember, how you ask is everything.

Analyze and Deliver Powerful Insights

Our team evaluates survey results and presents powerful analytics. Real Research allows you to download survey results with in-depth cross and detailed analysis.

Gather Opinions and Preferences

Collect data and get notified in real-time. Discover authentic and unbiased public opinions and have a real-time count of respondents' survey completion status.


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