Do you like it cold or hot? 

The choice has always been yours!  

Winter and summer represent the extremes of the annual climatic cycle, each offering distinct characteristics, activities, and experiences that shape everything from fashion and food to outdoor recreation and mood.

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The two seasons both have their charms. Winter brings cozy comforts with crackling fires and hot cocoa, inviting us indoors for warmth and solace. In contrast, summer bursts with color, filling the air with the fragrance of blooming flowers and the allure of adventure. 

In certain corners of the globe, the sun reigns supreme, casting its relentless heat upon landscapes that seem bathed in warmth. Both residents and visitors seek shelter in shady and cool, finding comfort in the warmth of these sunny destinations. 

However, there are places where the chill of winter never seems to fade, and frosty landscapes stretch for miles. In places like London and Siberia, temperatures can go very low, creating environments where survival requires resilience and resourcefulness.

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Winter wraps us in layers, while summer sets us free to embrace the sun. Despite their differences, both seasons provide opportunities for self-expression through fashion, adding variety and richness to our wardrobe choices throughout the year.

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