For nearly a decade, rumors swirled around the possibility of an “Apple Car,” captivating the imaginations of tech enthusiasts worldwide. From sleek designs to autonomous driving capabilities, speculation ran rampant about what Apple’s foray into the automotive industry could entail.

However, recent leaks suggest that Apple is abandoning its ambitious project, known internally as Project Titan. To delve deeper into this, Real Research, an online survey app, conducted a survey to gather insights and opinions on the matter.

Here are the key findings of the survey report:
🔹69% of those surveyed were aware of Apple’s electric car project ambitions.
🔹Two-thirds of respondents expressed interest in purchasing or using an Apple car if ever released.
🔹The majority (72%) believed that Apple’s focus on AI would keep them at the forefront of technology.

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Canceled Apple Car Project: Two-Thirds Would’ve Bought It – Survey Results

The UN’s Conservation of Migratory Species of Wild Animals (CMS) report revealed that overexploitation and loss of habits are the main reasons behind migratory species decreasing numbers. Could humans be the reason behind this devastating environmental damage?

Real Research gathered the public’s opinion on human’s impact on migratory species; here are the results.

🔹Half of the respondents (50.62%) express extreme worry about the human impacts on migratory animals.
🔹Human impacts on migratory animals, particularly habitat destruction and urbanization, are identified as the top threats by 26.12%.
🔹Over two-thirds (67.7%) reported significant worry about the findings of the CMS report.

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Over Half Is Extremely Worried About Human Impact on Migratory Species – Survey Results

The German economy had the weakest performance in Europe in 2023; could the country be falling into a recession?

Strikers by farmers, train drivers, and national carrier crew are attributed to be the culprits behind the decrease in performance. But are they truly?

Real Research gathered the public’s opinion on Germany’s falling economy, and here are the results.

🔹13.44% were completely unaware of the recession in Germany
🔹35.48% were extremely concerned about Germany’s slow growth
🔹63.36% believe that worker protections are strong enough in Germany

67.92% See an Upcoming Recession in Germany

Neuralink has developed a brain chip which after implanting it in the human brain gives the person the ability to control a computer mouse by just thinking.

In late January 2024, the surgery took place, and Elon Musk stated,

“Progress is good, patient seems to have made a full recovery … and is able to control the mouse, move the mouse around the screen just by thinking.”

🔹 65% of respondents were aware of the first Neuralink Brain Implant.
🔹 58.65% of respondents are interested in using “Telepathy,” Neuralink’s first product
🔹 Experts raise health hazards while 71.07% agreed that mass production could violate a person’s privacy rights.

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71% State Mass Production of Neuralink Brain Implant Could Violate Privacy Rights

The global hype about Valentine’s Day has made the occasion too commercialized, with chocolate, flowers, and other businesses seemingly flourishing. However, while some do not necessarily expect material things, others expect simple gestures like cuddling or offering to do the chores… There is a common belief that Valentine’s Day is commercialized, thus, Real Research surveyed the matter to seek public opinion. Here’s what the survey released.

🔹Nearly 60% will celebrate Valentine’s Day this year
🔹58% enjoy gifting, for themselves or loved ones.
🔹Valentine’s Day is too commercialized, argued 64.84%

Valentine’s Day Is Too Commercialized, Reckoned Almost 65%

The Golden Globes was an eventful evening, with several notable works and artists winning accolades for their work over the year. Among the winners was Christopher Nolan’s Oppenheimer, which won up to 8 awards. Real Research surveyed the Golden Globe Awards 2023 to see if the public was overall satisfied with the winnings. Here are the results:

🔹42.82% of respondents were satisfied with the Golden Globe Awards 2023 winners overall
🔹36.62% were satisfied with ‘Oppenheimer’ winning the award for Best Motion Picture– Drama category
🔹Lili Gladstone deserved to win the Best Performance by an Actress, opined 30.05%

Oppenheimer Dominates Golden Globes, Majority Express Satisfaction in Survey | Real Research

The post-pandemic rebound in the global economy has been disrupted by the surging cost of living and the war in Eastern Europe, creating an uncertain outlook. Real Research respondents shared their anticipation of where the global economy is heading in this survey. Take a look at this video to learn more.

🔹81.81% were financially impacted post-pandemic, says report.
🔹Post-pandemic financial conditions improve, believe 25.47% of the respondents.
🔹55.79% predict that a global recession is absolutely possible in the future.

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Post-Pandemic Economic Condition In Their Country Is Extremely Positive, Stated 46.98%

Post-Pandemic Economic Condition In Their Country Is Extremely Positive, Stated 46% – Survey Results

Real Research conducted a survey on the controversial Nobel Prize leak after the premature announcement of the 2023 Chemistry Nobel Prize winners. The respondents had varying opinions on the implications of the leak on the credibility of the Nobel Prize institution and the erosion of the element of surprise for the laureates. Find out what the respondents opined about this untimely revelation of the prize winners in this video.

🔹55.64% of the Real Research respondents are aware of the leaking of Nobel Prize in Chemistry winners.
🔹The media shouldn’t report Nobel winners before the Royal Swedish Academy of Sciences does, says 84.59% of individuals.
🔹84.52% of surveyed people say their perception of the institution has changed following the Nobel Prize leak.

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Nobel Prize Leak: 80% Individuals Express Concerns about the Nobel’s Credibility

Nobel Prize Leak: 80% Express Concerns about the Nobel Prize’s Credibility — Survey Results