The 47th United States presidential election will occur on November 5, 2024. People are concerned about the upcoming elections as each candidate has been the public’s critic before.

One is called “Genocide Joe,” and one was described as a “threat to constitutional democracy.” Who do you think will win the “Trump vs. Biden” showdown?

Real Research, an online survey app, gathered the public’s opinion on this, and here are the results.


  • 64.55% believe Trump has more chances to win in the Trump vs. Biden elections.
  • 52.63% support Trump, and 47.38% support Biden.
  • The majority (87.63%) said the candidates’ age might become a matter of concern during the US election.

Trump vs. Biden

81.93% were aware that the 47th US presidential election would occur on November 5, 2024, and 18.08% weren’t.

History is repeating itself in this presidential election as Joe Biden and Donald Trump are both contending for the US presidency once more. Biden for the Democrats, Trump for the Republicans, and satisfying the majority of the respondents. 60.85% were satisfied with the contenders running for the US presidential election in 2024, and 39.15% weren’t.

Figure 1: Satisfaction over the contenders running for the presidency

Reports highlighted major issues taking place during Biden’s presidency. These issues include high inflation, big industrial-policy bills, and turmoil abroad in Afghanistan, Ukraine, and the Middle East.

Trump has been called a “threat to constitutional democracy” on multiple occasions, while Biden has earned the nickname “genocide Joe” for his support for Israel’s war on Gaza.

Given these facts, when putting Trump vs. Biden, 64.55% believe Trump has a better chance of being elected as the 47th president. On the other hand, 35.45% claimed otherwise.

Figure 2: Agreement with Trump having more chances to get elected

However, based on current US government assessments, a Trump win in November could mean 4 billion tonnes of CO2 equivalent (GtCO2e) emissions by 2030, costing over $900 billion in climate damages compared to Biden’s plans. 65.1% believe Americans will consider these factors when choosing their preferred presidential candidate. However, 34.9% disagreed.

Among the two candidates, 52.63% support Trump and 47.38% support Biden. Moreover, 56.65% predict that Trump will win the 47th US presidential election, while 43.35% claim that Biden will win a second term.

Both Biden and Trump are described as the oldest potential US presidents ever. With Biden being 81 and Trump being 77, experts believe they may face health risks before or during elections. The majority believe that the candidates’ age might become a matter of concern during the US election.

Figure 3: Likelihood of age becoming a matter of concern in the upcoming elections

When asked how likely their age would become a matter of concern, 50.03% thought it was highly likely, 37.6% chose somewhat likely, 10.03% claimed it was somewhat unlikely, and 2.35% believed it was highly unlikely.


Survey TitleTrump vs. Biden: Who Will Be the 47th US President?
DurationMarch 18 – March 25, 2024
Number of Participants4,000
DemographicsMales and females, aged 21 to 99
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