Let’s be honest, a lot of things have become very expensive due to inflation. With everyone struggling to pay their bills, owning houses and properties has become a luxury. In light of this expensive economy, everyone is always on the lookout for modern. This warrants what a famous meme reportedly quotes, “Modern problems require modern solutions.”

Amazon was one of the first e-commerce giants to come up with a solution to this modern problem; DIY tiny houses. Tiny houses are technically defined as  “a dwelling unit with a maximum of 37 m2 (400 sq ft) of floor area.” Tiny houses would cost significantly less compared to other traditional residential houses. 

As advertised, these DIY tiny houses, with prices starting at $5000, come with do-it-yourself kits and take approximately two days to build.

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The Trendy Minimalistic Approach

Another reason why these DIY houses are gaining popularity is that the minimalistic style is trending in this highly inflated economic period. This lifestyle of owning a DIY house is also considered environment-friendly.

Following the simple principle of demand and supply, experts have also pointed out that if the expenses in the market continue to rise, there is a high chance that the demand for traditional residential space could die down and increase the tiny-house movement in the future.

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The Rise of the Tiny House Movement? 

Few experts believe that the Great Recession was one of the main factors that increased the demand for tiny houses. With low costs and easy handling, municipalities of various countries also considered providing tiny houses to the homeless in the hopes of developing their economies.

However, tiny houses are also considered perfect for individuals who are looking for an adventurous and simplistic lifestyle. There are still members who would not prefer living in a tiny house; instead, they prefer to live in a house with adequate space.

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