Today at times of worldwide quarantine, many people can enjoy the results of technological progress more than ever. One of them is an online video streaming platform. There was a great demand for this type of service as cinemas and theaters were closed for a while, with some countries not yet allowing people to go to the movies. In this sense, most people still need the entertainment to keep up their spirit and help them relax for a while.

Platforms for watching movies and TV shows of all kinds are more favorable alternatives to regular TV nowadays. This is where the subscribers watch movies wherever and whenever they want. There are no ad breaks; thus, nothing distracts them from having a good time and enjoying a movie to the full.

In this global survey, Real Research intends to find out how people engage in online streaming sites. Especially for the Millenials who are more aggressive in terms of online services.

The survey will be available from December 14 to 19 and will have, as usual, a reward of TNC Coins per respondent. Participate and share your online streaming engagement preferences in this survey.

Note: This survey is closed. You can view the results here – Millennials Choose Netflix, Youtube TV For Online Streams.