Founded in March 2009, Uber Technologies, Inc., simply known as Uber, completely changed the way of cab and taxi-hailing. In particular, the American technology company dedicates its services to safely transporting people and goods to their destination.

The days have gone where one has to stand and wait out in the heat, rain, and snow. Getting a ride has never been easier. The success of this ingenious idea led to a brilliant spark. Hence, after Uber’s debut, many other ride-hailing apps began to appear. This led to a massive boom in competition as well.

Accordingly, Real Research aims to find out just how popular Uber is. Specifically, do people deem the service safe? Also, are they using Uber’s promotions? Moreover, which ride services do they use on the regular? Lastly, do they find the service expensive? The Uber ride satisfaction survey is out and is awaiting your response.

So, hurry and share your opinion with us for the Uber ride safety survey on the Real Research Survey App from July 11, 2021. After that, you get 10 TNC as a reward.

Survey Details


Survey Title:

Uber Rides Safety, Prices, and Their Reliability Across the Globe


Target Number of Participants:

100,000 Users


Nationality: All

Age: 21-99

Gender: All

Resident Country: All

Marital Status: All

Language: All

KYC Level: All