Currently, most DApps are functioning under the ERC-20 standard. TNC aims to present a reliable alternative to drive diversity in the DApps market. Before releasing the TNC-20 protocol to the public, TNC Coin has sponsored a survey in collaboration with Real Research.

TNC IT Group recently launched its TNC-21 testnet to encourage developers to build an ecosystem bound by the TNC-21 token standard. The TNC-21 testnet is designed to pave the way for developers and students to utilize TNC testnet as their primary decentralized project sandbox environment. More so, to build DApps and deploy their own branded tokens.

Significantly, the protocol facilitates less complicated and efficient token creation for all decentralized projects. In line with this, TNC Coin launched “TNC-21 Testnet Expectation Survey” to understand crypto users’ and developers’ perspectives on their newest project.

Join this TNC Coin survey from Dec 18 to 23 and earn 10 TNC Coins as rewards. Additionally, we are ready to learn more about the public’s expectations of TNC’s newest testnet.

This survey has ended. You can view the results here – Young Indian Techies Eyeing To Launch DApps on TNC Testnet.