The digital economy is on the rise resulting from the pandemic. Moreover, most people are confined within their residence because they are not at liberty to travel. Therefore, people are opting for online shopping and delivery services for their daily needs.

Additionally, e-commerce platforms seem to be the right channel for traders and salesmen today. As a result,  those wanting to earn extra income, are considering setting up an e-commerce site? Or are they mere consumers who enjoy the convenience of shopping online?

In this Real Research sponsored survey, BASID has the goal to learn more about the potentials and possibilities of integrating blockchain-based payment gateways on e-commerce platforms. Specifically to know whether people interested in paying in crypto or ready to reap the advantages and benefits of blockchain.

In collaboration with BASID, the survey will be available for 5 days from December 16. All eligible participants will have access to answer the survey questions and earn 6 TNC Coins upon completion. We are ready to listen. Our team looks forward to gaining insights from all the respondents about the future of these two branches of technology — e-commerce and blockchain.

This survey has ended. You can view the results here – Survey on the Future of eCommerce and Blockchain.