Cryptocurrencies are on the rise, mainly after the COVID-19 crisis. With traditional currencies losing value globally and stocks, commodities, and other conventional investment ways requiring large taxes and fees, cryptocurrencies have been enlarging their position in the economic space.

Besides, with the recent events, major cryptocurrencies’ price has been booming, mainly Bitcoin. As a matter of fact, some cryptos reaching its all-time high price value. People have shown a growing curiosity about digital currencies, and the investment volumes rose considerably around the globe.

Investing in cryptocurrencies seems to be a complex process for individuals without some financial expertise. There are some steps involved in the process, such as understanding exchanges, that might concern some users. In this sense, Real Research Survey aims to observe the adoption rates worldwide and its acceptance while understanding the knowledge of 15 thousand respondents.

The entitled survey “Cryptocurrency General Adoption” will be available from December 8 to December 22. Within this survey, we aim to include every individual to understand cryptocurrency awareness and adoption entirely. Join our survey and earn 7 TNC Coins as a reward for your time.

This survey has ended. You can view the results here – Crypto Adoption Trends.