Sohn Chang-hyun, an award-winning author who received the 16th Kim Jang-saeng Literary Award, 2020 Pocheon 38 Literary Award, the Kyungbuk Ilbo Literary Award, the second Glory Senior Literary Award, and 2021 Novel Mihak Literary Award, has been accused of plagiarizing his work.

Moreover, a number of South Korean celebrities have recently come under fire for plagiarizing their academic papers. These include singer Hong Jin-young and popular history lecturer Seol Min-seok who both recently issued official apologies following accusations that they had committed plagiarism while writing their theses.

In this Real Research survey, we aim to know the opinion of Koreans regarding plagiarism. Do you think plagiarism is common in our society? In which areas do you think plagiarism happens the most?

Koreans are invited to share their thoughts on this matter through the Real Research survey app. It will be available on the application from January 21. Those who will complete this survey will earn 10 TNC Coins as rewards.

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Public’s Perception of Plagiarism

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Nationality: South Korea
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