After 15 years as James Bond, Daniel Craig has released his final movie as the British Secret Agent Spy in No Time to Die (2021). Craig has been widely praised for his fresh portrayal of the character, away from former established versions popularized by Sean Connery and Pierce Brosnan.

Now, a big hunt is underway to find the next actor to play James Bond.

The James Bond films began in 1962 with the film “Dr. No.” This film was the first time Ian Fleming’s novels came to the big screen and the very first casting of James Bond on film–in the form of Sean Connery. After that, the film spawned a series of twenty-five films produced by Eon Productions and two independent films.

Sean Connery’s portrayal of James Bond has influenced future characterizations of the character. While in Fleming’s novels, James Bond is characterized as an “extremely dull [and] uninteresting man,” Connery played Bond as more charismatic, violent, and arrogant. Connery’s James Bond was a master of gadgets, a skilled fighter, and a womanizer; he exuded a calm and collectedness in even the most dangerous situations.   

A few of the most notable James Bond actors after Sean Connery are Daniel Craig, Pierce Brosnan, Timothy Dalton, and Roger Moore. Each James Bond actor brought their own version and personality to the role and was met with varying levels of praise.

Daniel Craig, in particular, began as a very controversial pick for the role of James Bond. Initially, some fans disagreed with Daniel Craig’s casting, claiming he did not fit the established James Bond look of being tall, dark, handsome, and charismatic.

However, after Daniel Craig’s first James Bond movie, Casino Royale (2006), hit theaters, critics and previous Bonds complimented Craig’s interpretation of the role. Many thought Craig was the first actor to faithfully represent the character as it appeared in Fleming’s novels.

James Bond, as portrayed by Daniel Craig, was a more rugged, physical, and intense character. In contrast to the superhuman portrayals of former Bond actors, Craig brought about a more vulnerable and flawed character to the screen. As Craig’s series progressed, his Bond would slowly develop into a more confident and assured character while still retaining his emotional vulnerabilities. The combined strength and sensitivity made Craig’s James Bond unique and helped modernize the character for newer audiences.

The hunt for the next James Bond actor has begun with Daniel Craig’s retirement as the character in his final film, No Time to Die (2021). The strongest contenders at the time of writing are Aaron-Taylor Johnson, Henry Cavill, Tom Hardy, Idris Elba, Lucien Laviscount, Rege-Jean Page, Richard Madden, James Norton, and Douglas Booth, among other rumored actors.

Thus, Real Research, an online survey app, has launched a survey for the public’s opinion on who would replace Daniel Craig as the new James Bond. Real Research aims to find which of the current contenders for the James Bond role respondents are more likely to choose.

So hurry and answer the public opinion on who would replace Daniel Craig as the new James Bond on the Real Research app from January 05, 2023. Afterward, you will receive 55 TNCs as a reward.

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Survey: Public Opinion on Who Would Replace Daniel Craig as the New James Bond

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Note: This survey is closed. You can view the results here – Douglas Booth Would Most Likely Replace Daniel Craig as the New James Bond, Say 16%.