Netflix users are spoiled for choice. With an ever-expanding library of titles, it’s a real challenge to catch people’s attention. But in 2021, a South Korean series managed to do the unthinkable.

Squid Game, the brainchild of Director Hwang Dong-hyuk, stormed the OTT world, becoming Netflix’s most-watched series globally. It captivated 94 countries, with over 142 million households and 1.65 billion viewing hours in its first four weeks.

Its captivating storyline and thrilling survival concept left fans craving for more. The demand for another do-or-die battle was so much that the series creators had no choice but to return for a second season.

Inside the Squid Game Craze

In recent years, there have been plenty of small screen hits that spread through word-of-mouth, turning into major pop culture events. But this was not the only reason behind the success of Squid Game. The show has achieved a level of global mainstream visibility that arguably no other non-English language film or TV show has ever managed to date. 

South Korean dramas, often referred to as K-Dramas, usually approach storytelling differently, whether it’s a romantic melodrama or heart-racing horror. However, Squid Game became a raging success due to its ability to captivate a diverse audience, transcending language barriers.

The show’s underlying concepts of kindness, family, and sacrifice resonate deeply throughout each episode. It went beyond being a gripping series that keeps viewers on the edge of their seats; it also evoked heartfelt emotions, moving them to tears.

Survival, Thrills, and Global Domination

To give a background, Squid Game Season 1 followed Seong Gi-hun, a father who finds himself distanced from his daughter and buried under massive debts. In a desperate attempt to prove himself worthy of his daughter’s love, he participates in a competition filled with childhood games, however, the stakes couldn’t be higher—winning means gaining a life-changing fortune, while losing is certain death.

The competition is the definition of “high-risk, high-reward” but as Gi-hun navigates through the games, he uncovers a truth far more sinister than the mere massacre taking place within the game’s boundaries.

Squid Game delves into the themes of corruption, class divide, income inequality, and, above all, the relentless human instinct to survive against all odds.

From Hit to Hype: Squid Game’s Highly-Awaited Second Season

The creators recently dropped a hint that some familiar faces from the past game (33rd Squid Game) will be back for another round — like Gi-hun (played by Lee Jung-jae), the mysterious Front Man (played by Lee Byung-hun), the detective Jun-ho (played by Wi Ha-jun), and the enigmatic Salesman played by Gong Yoo.

With this, four other cast members were introduced who will feature in the second season of the show, namely— Im Siwan, Kang Ha Neul, Yang Dong Geun, and The Glory actor Park Sung Hoon. However, not everyone is pleased with the casting choices. Netizens have expressed their disappointment over the absence of female stars. Furthermore, Korean viewers have pointed out a noticeable lack of diversity in the initial cast list, not only in terms of gender but also in age and industry background.

Yet, fans couldn’t contain their excitement after the creators unveiled the first look of the second season at its global TUDUM event.

Unraveling Fan Theories, Expectations, and Predictions

After the creators revealed their plans to commence filming the second season of the show in July 2023, fans eagerly began crafting their own theories and predictions regarding the upcoming focus of the new season.

While some theories discussed if the cliffhanger at the end of season one is any indication that Gi-hun would participate in another round of Squid Game, but only to expose the gruesome nature of the game. Others believe that the second season will be a prequel that will delve into the unexplored grounds and backstories of the characters, like the Frontman or the initial maker of the game Oh Il-nam.

Amidst a flurry of theories and predictions worldwide, Squid Game fanatics are brimming with anticipation for its upcoming release, expected in late 2023 or early 2024. As the excitement continues to build, Real Research launched a survey to assess the audience’s response and predictions for the upcoming season. Hence, hurry and answer the public opinion on upcoming Squid Game season 2 in the Real Research app from June 23, 2023, and receive 60 TNCs as a reward.

Survey Details

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Public Opinion on Upcoming Squid Game Season 2

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Note: This survey is closed. You can view the results here – Around 74% Are Already Gearing Up To Watch Squid Game Season 2.