The ongoing conflict between Russia and Ukraine has been raging for over a year, and now Georgia is experiencing its own unrest as hundreds of thousands of frustrated citizens take to the streets in protest.

On March 7, 2023, the Georgian government introduced a new law requiring organizations that receive 20% or more of their funding from overseas to register as “foreign agents” and provide details about their activities. The proposal has sparked significant backlash, with thousands of Georgians protesting against the law.

Supporters of the government argue that it will help expose illicit activities and combat corruption. However, opponents fear that it will infringe on freedom of speech and resemble similar regulations in Russia. Some have suggested that the new law could also pose a threat to Russia, as it may reveal activities that are meant to be hidden. Nevertheless, the “foreign agents” law has angered many Georgians who feel that their rights are being taken away, much like in Russia.

This is a victory for our people … we were dispersed many times, but we returned with a common European and national idea. The main demand of this protest was to fail this bill, but our aspiration is that Georgia should become a member of the European Union,”

said Tamar Jakeli, one of the protest organizers, according to First Channel.

The protests have continued for several days, with police resorting to tear gas and other measures. Many are concerned that Georgia may be on the path to becoming the next Ukraine.

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