The phrase ‘quiet quitting’ gained popularity last year to describe employees who continue to work but mentally step back, such as by doing the bare minimum and not making their work the focal point of their lives. This year, a new trend in the workplace called ‘quiet hiring’ is emerging and becoming a reported HR buzzword.

Technology research and consulting firm Gartner dubbed ‘quiet hiring,’ or the practice of acquiring new talent without hiring new employees, one of the nine emerging work trends of the year 2023.  Most frequently, quiet hiring entails encouraging current employees to temporarily take on new roles within the organization. Short-term contractors are also often hired for the same.

Typically, hiring is divided into three categories—backfilling old roles, creating new ones to foster growth, and addressing a specific, immediate need. The third category is usually what ‘quiet hiring’ entails, even though no new hiring is involved. The most important tasks are prioritized at a given time by temporarily reorganizing current employees’ responsibilities.

Due to the ongoing global economic crisis, it is likely that companies will slow down hiring, thus contributing to the development of the ‘quiet hiring’ trend. However, Gartner’s senior director of research believes that this trend can be simply explained as a fancy term for cutting headcount and giving more work to existing employees.

‘Quiet hiring’ can be beneficial for the organization but has the tendency to stress employees due to an increased workload. Additionally, employees seldom want to feel exploited or overburdened, especially with no prospect for valid growth in terms of raises or promotions, etc.

With the ongoing recession and a wave of layoffs in the tech industry, this trend has understandably piqued people’s interest. However, the trend will likely turn out to be interesting in how it shapes the future of the workforce. Not to mention how savvy HR executives may adopt this trend as their strategy.

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