‘Microaggression’ comes from two words, ‘micro’ and ‘aggression,’ which means subtle but aggressive discrimination. It can be verbal or behavioral and aimed at stigmatized people. In fact, microaggression is a subtle but pervasive form of discrimination in our everyday lives and society. It is, however, felt by those sensitive enough to catch it or towards whom it is targeted.

In detail, it mainly refers to expressions containing discrimination against a marginalized group, whether by gender, age, race, gender identity, or disability. Microaggressions are different from direct biased remarks. Unlike the latter, these can sound like everyday conversations, with a hint of misogyny, racial bias, or condescension, like, “You are so delicate because you are a woman!” or “You throw the ball like a girl.”

Another thing is that when someone displays microaggression, they are ambiguous, so when the words sound complimentary, on the surface, the recipient often doesn’t feel insulted and isn’t sure how to respond. For instance, if someone shows shock and says, “Oh, you’re on Instagram?” or, “You’re gay? But you don’t look gay.”

A microaggression can be defined as a comment or action that subtly and often unconsciously or ignorantly expresses a prejudiced attitude. For example, someone addresses someone by saying, “You’re the whitest black person I know.” Microaggression is not expressed directly like profanity, so when a discriminated person points out a problem, often, they are judged as sensitive and picky. Since microaggression is mainly communicated through language, we should pay attention to how we speak, especially at work and in other social settings.

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Note: This survey is closed. You can view the results here – Nearly 58% Feel Microaggression Is Just a Sensitive Reaction.