The deadly Marburg virus, a highly contagious infection in the same family as Ebola, was identified in Ghana first. Their samples tested positive earlier this month, and due to ambiguity and lack of treatment/cure, the two victims recently died at hospitals in southern Ashanti.

In detail, the virus affects humans through fruit bats and spreads between individuals via the exchange of bodily fluids. The World Health Organization (WHO) supports Ghanaian officials and works with them to improve the chances of survival in our society. According to Dr. Matshidiso Moeti, Head of  WHO (Africa), Marburg may spread rapidly if prompt action is not taken.

According to health officials, 98 persons in West Africa are being quarantined as suspected contact cases. These include the friends, family, and medical experts who were in contact with the two patients.

Although there is currently no cure for the Marburg virus, physicians advise addressing specific symptoms and drinking lots of fluids to increase a patient’s chance of survival. Close contacts of the ill person, including healthcare workers are most at risk of contracting the infection. To highlight, a few of the symptoms include headache, fever, muscular cramps, vomiting blood, and bleeding.

Moreover, strict infection control contact tracking and measures have been enforced to stop additional deaths. Medical teams are also visiting neighborhoods to educate residents about the symptoms and encourage them to notify the appropriate authorities if any suspicious instances are discovered. Officials in Ghana are telling people to stay away from caves and to prepare and cook well any animal items before consuming them properly.

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