Established in 1969, DHL is a global leader in the express delivery of documents and parcels. The company has established itself as a reliable courier service in over 220 countries. Moreover, to provide smooth shipment, DHL uses all modes of transport.

The innovative brand created opportunities for small businesses and large companies in expanding their horizons. Specifically, they could develop international relations and freely cooperate with foreign partners. Therefore, the company policy is to strictly take care of every customers’ needs. Hence, they ensure safety and fast delivery by land, air, or water.

Accordingly, Real Research has launched a DHL customer satisfaction survey to observe how many people use DHL delivery services. For instance, what medium do they use to employ DHL’s delivery services? Are customers satisfied with DHL or prefer its competitors? Furthermore, what more do they expect from DHL to improve its services?

So, hurry and share your opinion with us via the Real Research Survey App from 8 July, 2021. After that, 10 TNC will be given to you as a reward.

Survey Details


Survey Title:

Public Opinion on DHL Delivery Services


Target Number of Participants:

100,000 Users


Nationality: All

Age: 21-99

Gender: All

Resident Country: All

Marital Status: All

Language: All

KYC Level: All