In South Korea, 2G mobile services were offered in 1996. These services are based on the world‘s first commercial code division multiple access network built by SK Telecom. By 2006, the number of 2G subscribers in the nation surpassed 20 million. But due to the commercialization of 3G and 4G networks, the numbers started to decrease over time.

Following SK, LG also announced the plan to terminate its 2G service by the end of June this year. Prior to this, there was a case that some carriers unilaterally stopped 011, 017 numbers in 2G service. This is for efficiency on the carriers’ part, however, the users are complaining as this decision causes inconveniences in their real life.

In this Real Research survey, we aim to know the opinion of Koreans regarding the 2G service termination. Are they actually aware that carriers have recently decided to end 2G services? As a result, what inconvenience have they encountered?

Join this short tech-related survey on the Real Research survey app. It will be available on the application for South Koreans from January 18, 2021. Those who will complete this survey will earn 10 TNC Coins as a reward for their participation.

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Public Opinion on 2G Service Termination

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