As anticipation election day draws near, the US presidential polls are scattered all around. Morning Consult, among many institutions, closely tracks the US presidential race between Joe Biden and Donald Trump. The company also has launched 4000 daily surveys that delve into congressional elections, candidate favorability, and others.

At the time of writing, the most recent national data is based on surveys fielded to 15,821 adults on October 18 to 20 and the latest state-level data is based on surveys answered by 788 to 4,685 likely voters per state that runned from October 11 to 20.

In the head-to-head presidential poll, Bidden is seen leading at 52% while Trump sits with 43% of the vote—Biden garnered additional +9 points. Biden was also seen to lead in several states including Colorado, Florida, Minnesota, Michigan, Pennsylvania, and Wisconsin. On the other hand, Trump is the top candidate for South Carolina.

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Former Vice President Joe Biden takes the lead over President Donald Trump by 9 percentage points, while Democrats have a 7-point lead over Republicans on the generic congressional ballot. In terms of favorability Biden scores +7 while Trump records -13 net points.

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