Cryptocurrencies have been seeing mass-adoption worldwide, mainly during the pandemic recession. Due to this fact, BASID, an innovative payment gateway seeks to understand if people are eager to use crypto on daily needs and purchases now that the number of crypto users has risen.

With cryptocurrencies being massively adopted all over the world, crypto payment gateways seem to be more important in integrating cryptos as a payment method in new and existing merchants, such as Amazon, Zomato, or Uber.

Are crypto users and enthusiasts willing to use their assets on groceries, restaurants, and other online platforms? Real Research also wants to know the importance of integrating crypto payments into existing online merchants and if they have an interest in seeing this technology extended to online shops and marketplaces.

BASID offers an API for existing and new merchants, offering companies the opportunity to take crypto and fiat payments. Would you like to use your crypto in an ordinary way? Help us in finding out by responding to this survey from December 4  to December 9.

Note: This survey is closed. You can view the results here – Buyers Expect Apps to Integrate Crypto Payments.