Precautionary safety measures to combat COVID-19 vary from country to country. Globally, safety measures range from social distancing, wearing of protective gears, as well as extreme curfews and lockdowns. As a matter of fact, the government-implemented regulations are highly dependent on the local infection rate and the overall situation within the nation.

While we are still submerged in a pandemic, local authorities are still active in dealing with the COVID-19 issues within their community. On the other hand, how do citizens and residents feel about government-implemented measures in their society?

In wanting to know about the safety measure in different countries, Real Research launched a survey. This survey seeks to gather public opinion about the local government-established safety measures against the COVID-19 pandemic.

This public poll is open worldwide from December 24 to 29. We invite everyone from various countries to participate for us to have better insights into the effectiveness of the precautionary measures for every country. All those who will participate in this survey will receive 5 TNC Coins as a reward.

This survey has expired. You can view the results here – Pandemic Precautionary Measures Are Evident.