Ever thought about how exactly one always becomes late constantly and end up being called ‘The Late-comer’. Let’s be honest, It is a bad habit. When you end up late you miss out on opportunities and also annoy your family, friends, and colleagues.

There are many reasons that cause an individual to become late. Some reasons would be considered valid when you become late because of an accident or illness, while others are just considered as ‘excuses’. Studies have shown that late-comers often have similar characteristics such as being optimistic, creative, and having low levels of self-control.

According to Grace Pacie, the author of ‘LATE!’, late-comers aka time-benders do not like routine and also experience time differently. Time can speed up and slow down and time benders would not be aware of it, but on the other hand, when there is a deadline, time benders work effectively.

On certain occasions, people tend to be late on purpose. One of the best examples is procrastinators. Procrastinators often tend to waste time on purpose, in the hopes they would get the motivation to get their work done just before the deadline. When this happens, there’s no guarantee that the procrastinator would achieve their goals before the deadline. Dr. Linda Sapadin, a psychologist, claims that procrastinators have become attached to the fear of becoming late instead of finding a better solution.

There’s no doubt that there are many solutions given by experts to solve tardiness, but most of us end up ignoring them. But, each of those solutions caters to only a specific type of people, and each individual’s reason for being late is different from others.

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