One of the most popular takeovers was when Elon Musk took over Twitter. Initially, many believed that when Musk owned Twitter, it would lead to fewer restrictions on censorship.

To be fair, there were many racial slurs and so much vulgar content being tweeted across the re-known social media platform, and along with that came another proposal. Elon Musk wanted to increase revenue through the launch of Twitter Blue Verified subscriptions.

The Twitter Blue Verified subscriptions started at $8, and many started to take advantage of this feature. Many reports have been pouring across the world claiming that many fake users purchased the blue tick subscription and started spreading fake messages.

Among the many spam messages, a fake user claiming to be a Pharmaceutical company called Eli Lilly Tweeted, “We are excited to announce insulin is free now.”

The company saw its stock take a hit after someone impersonated the company’s Twitter account, saying it would make insulin free.

Later, the genuine Eli Lilly Twitter account apologized for the fake announcement given by an impersonator.

Eli Lilly was not the only massive firm that was affected by this, many users impersonated organizations and started spreading rumors across the public social sphere.

Misinformation and false messages spread across social media platforms could lead to even more devastating damages and more problems. Many companies have used social media platforms to become more connected with their audiences by providing customer support and have used these mediums to share official messages.

The fake users could pose as one of well-known companies and would ask the customers about their data which could lead to a devastating loss. To reduce any further chaos, Twitter has finally decided to stop the blue tick subscription for now.

Real Research seeks the public’s opinion about Twitter’s blue tick confusion, which happened after Elon Musk took over the giant social network.

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