Netflix releases new films and TV shows every few weeks. Subsequently, most attract massive attention. However, some go on to break records and become super hits. To clarify, the South Korean survival show — Squid Game came out on September 17, 2021. Since then it has been smashing through Netflix’s top-ranked shows in over 80 countries over the past two weeks.

According to FlixPatrol, these countries include Great Britain, Japan, Australia, Brazil, Canada, Egypt, Iceland, and the United Arab Emirates. Created by Hwang Dong-hyuk, Squid Game consists of 9 episodes.

Specifically, the plot centers around a group of people who, due to financial strife, decide to partake in a secret game. Thus, players are made to alternately overcome various challenges until only one remains. Those who cannot cope or break the rules are killed. Accordingly, Real Research seeks to find out the public opinion on this show with this survey on Squid Game.

So, hurry and share your opinion on Netflix’s Squid Games with us by answering the survey on Squid Game via the Real Research App from October 15, 2021. After that, you will receive 10 PLF as a reward.

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Survey on The ‘Squid Game’ Craze Around The World

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50,000 Users


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Note: This survey is closed. You can view the results here – The ‘Squid Game’ Craze Around The World.