Roxana Ruiz, an Indigenous Mixteca woman and a single mother from Oaxaca, was sentenced to over six years in prison. She was reportedly sentenced for killing a man whom she tried to defend herself from as he attacked and raped her.

  • Roxana Ruiz, a single mother, was attacked and raped in 2021 and killed the man that raped her
  • Ruiz was sentenced to more than six years in prison
  • News about the ruling infuriated many people globally, resulting in an eventual drop in charges

The Assault and the Eventual Killing

According to Ruiz’s legal defense, Ruiz met a man from her neighborhood. He offered to walk her home and stay the night due to the late hour and distance from his home. She agreed, allowing him to sleep on a mattress on the floor. However, he climbed onto her bed while she slept, physically assaulted her, forcibly undressed her, and raped her.

Ruiz then fought back, hitting him in the nose. He threatened to kill her, and as she struggled to free herself, she killed him in self-defense. Ruiz then panicked, dumped the man’s body in a bag, and dragged it outside when police officers in the area spotted and arrested her.

Sentencing and Mass Outrage

Upon consideration, she was sentenced to six or so years in prison. Additionally, she was ordered to pay $16,000 worth in reparations to the family of the man who raped her.

This spurred outrage in Mexico and many countries worldwide. Feminist groups across the globe expressed their indignation at Ruiz’s sentence.

Ruiz’s case has also raised several questions; women’s rights, the right for women to defend themselves when in danger, among others.

Dropped Charges

As Ruiz’s case also gained more awareness and the public began to protest against Ruiz’s court ruling, the case was eventually dropped.

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