On March 3rd, 2022, incumbent president Emmanuel Macron announced the re-elections for the 26th French presidency. Following after came the first round of polling after which the run-off was narrowed down to the top 2 candidates. To name them, Emmanuel Macron and Marion Anne Perrine “Marine” Le Pen. In detail, both candidates have made multiple proposals on a variety of key aspects of France, pledging that they will implement them if they are elected.

Emmanuel Macron became the youngest president in the history of France at the age of 39. He won the presidential election in 2017 post-victory in the second round, defeating Marine Le Pen. While serving as president, Macron oversaw several revisions in various sectors. Additionally, he proposed legislation aimed at combating mass corruption within France’s political system as well.

On the other hand, Marine Le Pen, a lawyer, is the daughter of former party leader Jean-Marie Le Pen. Presently, she is to compete against Emmanuel Macron in a run-off on April 24. Le Pen advocated for numerous economic reforms and policies, campaigned against immigration, proposed scopes for rising inflation, and more.

The presidential election, however, brought about opinions from different people opting for either party as the next president. Thus, Real Research launched a survey on the 26th French presidential election. It aims to find who the public thinks would win the election and why. To highlight, it questions the many prospects the candidates have promised, their potential weaknesses, etc.

Hence, hurry and share your opinion via the survey on the 26th French presidential election on the Real Research app from April 19, 2022. After that, you will receive 10 TNC as a reward.

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