The promise of a $300 crypto airdrop per citizen in Thailand by opposition leader Srethha Thavisin has stirred up controversy and debate among the country’s citizens and politicians. Thavisin, who is running for Prime Minister in the upcoming May elections, has championed the idea of an economic stimulus in the form of digital currency to help alleviate citizens’ debt.

Thailand Opposition Leader’s $300 Crypto Airdrop if Elected PM

Thavisin’s promise has been met with both criticism and support. Some have praised the idea as a bold and innovative solution to the country’s economic woes, while others have questioned the feasibility and legality of such a move. The Bank of Thailand has declared Thai baht stablecoins to be illegal, leading many to wonder which digital currency would be used in the airdrop.

According to a Twitter post, many users are perceiving this act as a form of modern bribery, with one user saying, “Lol 21. Century form of bribery😂”

Despite these concerns, Thavisin has remained resolute in his commitment to the plan. He argues that the current government’s approach of providing small handouts is not the right way to stimulate economic growth and alleviate the burden of debt on the citizens. Thavisin’s promise is part of a larger campaign to enact basic income policies if he is elected as the Prime Minister.

The idea of a crypto airdrop is not new, as several other countries have also explored the use of digital currencies as a form of economic stimulus. However, Thavisin’s promise is notable for its size and scope, and its potential impact on Thailand’s economic future.

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