On July 27, 2022, Russia cut gas supplies to Germany and parts of central Europe through its main pipeline to Europe. This “gas war” has resulted from the prevailing Russia-Ukraine war.

The Russian state-controlled energy company, Gazprom, announced a halt in the operation of the turbines consequently cutting daily gas deliveries by 20% of the pipeline’s capacity. News of the halt raised concerns as well as widespread panic across various parts of Europe. Germany, currently, is analyzing its options, as well as generating a plan for the future. The German economy minister says “We are monitoring the situation very closely in close exchange with the federal network agency and the gas crisis team”. Other European countries are also reportedly seen devising a plan for the months to follow with close to no gas supply.

However, the bad news doesn’t stop there. In the coming winter months to follow, there are more concerns about heat, conserving, and saving energy, etc. The countries feel the most viable option currently is to save and store as much gas as possible for the winter. This may mean rationing and reducing the amount of gas used and supplied currently.

Needless to say, the news gained varying opinions from many. Real Research thus, launched a survey on Russia cutting down gas supplies to European countries. The survey seeks opinions on what the public has to say regarding the halt of the gas, and what this would potentially mean for consumers and businesses alike.

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