Pizza is a popular dish that originates from Italy. This dish evolved to become one of the world’s most popular fast foods. To specify, pizza consists of a crust baked in a pan with various toppings and condiments. Today, there are lots of fast-food chains and restaurants that don their most delectable pizzas.

This means that numerous Pizza chains were established globally. These chains present their unique range of products including Pizzas, side dishes, and desserts. With time, these chains expanded and dominated the Pizza fast-food industry, leaving lasting impressions for generations. To add, some popular chains include Pizza Hut, Domino’s Pizza, Papa John’s Pizza, Pizza Inn, and many more.

Furthermore, pizza, like other dishes, has gathered multiple tastes and preferences. These preferences influence consumers’ decisions about which fast-food chain to choose. For instance, some consumers are particularly concerned with affordability, quality, and taste. Others look for dine-in, takeaway, delivery options, or perhaps better deals. Many different factors influence the choice of a Pizza chain.

To find out public opinions on the preferred Pizza brand, Real Research launched a survey on Pizza Hut vs Domino’s Pizza. The survey seeks to find out what customers prefer between the two brands, Pizza Hut vs Domino’s Pizza, and what factors influence their decision.

Hence, hurry and answer the survey on Pizza Hut vs Domino’s Pizza now on the Real Research app from June 03, 2022. After that, you will receive 30 TNC as a reward.

Survey Details

Survey Title:
A Survey on Pizza Brand: Pizza Hut vs Domino’s Pizza

Target Number of Participants:
20,000 Users


Nationality: All
Age: 21-99
Gender: All
Resident Country: All
Marital Status: All
Language: All
KYC Level: All

Note: This survey is closed. You can view the results here – 54% Say Pizza Hut Releases New Menus Regularly.