Risk tolerance is sometimes called risk appetite. This is the maximum level of risk that an investor is willing to take in order to make a profit. More often than not, it is not easy for an investor to define his/her attitude towards risk. Risk can also mean the possibility of making large profits. And at the same time, risk is the readiness for potential losses, the ability to withstand market fluctuations, and the understanding that there are no guarantees.

Behaviorists say that fear of loss can play a significant role in decision-making. In addition, the expectation of benefits can brighten investors’ attitudes to risk. Because risk tolerance is determined by investors’ level of resignation to uncertainty, they may not fully understand their appetite for risk until they face a loss. However, knowing the risk tolerance level helps investors plan their entire portfolio.

Accordingly, Real Research launches a survey on personal risk tolerance to discover the public’s thoughts on this matter. What do people usually invest in? More so, what is their investment attitude? Additionally, what is the most important factor that influences risk tolerance?

So, hurry and share your opinion on risk tolerance via a survey on the Real Research App from January 2, 2022. After that, you will receive 10 PLF as a reward.

Survey Details

Survey Title:
Survey on Personal Risk Tolerance

Target Number of Participants:
40,000 Users


Nationality: All
Age: 21-99
Gender: All
Resident Country: All
Marital Status: All
Language: All
KYC Level: All

Note: This survey is closed. You can view the results here – 48.50% Can Bear the Loss in Order To Maximize Returns.