The present market understands that if they can get consumers to choose before actually thinking, they can get them to buy things they do not even need. Amazingly enough, marketers can manipulate minds and perceive a need out of something that was a want. Regardless of how they do it, they are always successful in persuading consumers into submission.

Even so, minimalism or simplifying is catching on to many, turning into a trending lifestyle choice. However, the philosophy of minimalism is timeless. Before it even became a lifestyle, the same principles existed thousands of years ago.

Furthermore, Stoics and Buddhists are living proof of following this minimalistic lifestyle forever.

A minimalist would find happiness in the simplicity of life itself and the experiences it provides. They avoid the unnecessary and embrace the most of fewer things. They are the epitome of ‘less is more’. Minimalism is a mindset, a way of thinking about what is essential and having the courage to let go of the rest.

On the other hand, a maximalist is a complete opposite as they focus on the accumulation of stuff. In detail, it is a life of excessive consumerism and dependency on physical possessions for happiness. More so, they think life can never get enough, nor better having less.

Either way, minimalism or maximalism are subjective, which we can interpret however we like. Thus, Real Research launched a survey on minimalist vs. maximalist. The survey aims to know the public’s lifestyle preferences and their advantages and disadvantages.

Hence, hurry and answer the survey on minimalist vs maximalist on the Real Research app from July 10, 2022. After that, you will receive 12 TNCs as a reward.

Survey Details

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Survey on Minimalist vs Maximalist

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50,000 Users


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