Over the past few years, technology has developed tremendously. One particularly intriguing development is the ‘Metaverse’. Broadly speaking, the Metaverse is an integrated network of 3D virtual worlds. Primarily used for the gaming and entertainment sector, this technology is now used across multiple horizons.

For instance, the Ajman Police in UAE has initiated a unique metaverse set for the public where they are free to meet and interact with the officers at the Ajman Police Station. This was in an effort to make their services more accessible for everyone and possibly clarify any queries and concerns. These new developments are also in addition to the UAE Tech minister suggesting strict actions be taken against those that commit crimes in the metaverse, specifically, murders, etc. He further states that crimes committed anywhere are crimes nevertheless since they can potentially traumatize someone. And so calls for such crimes even on the Metaverse to be ‘policed’.

The above, if anything, stresses the developments in technology and how seriously many are considering the metaverse world to be. Accordingly, the news of the UAE administering such developments has gathered quite some interest and speculation. Thus, Real Research launched a survey on Metaverse murders being ‘Policed,’ UAE Tech Minister suggests. The survey seeks opinions from the public and their sentiments on whether crimes on the metaverse should go punished. 

Hence, hurry and share your opinion on a survey on Metaverse murders being ‘Policed,’ UAE Tech Minister suggests on the Real Research App from June 23, 2022. After that, you will receive 12 TNC  as a reward.

Survey Details

Survey Title:
Survey on Metaverse Murders Being ‘Policed,’ UAE Tech Minister Suggests

Target Number of Participants:
50,000 Users


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Age: 21-99
Gender: All
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