Intermittent fasting is an eating pattern that helps with weight management. IN detail, the most popular 16/8 method involves fasting for 16 hours and restricting the daily consumption window to 8 hours. In fact, intermittent fasting is one of the hottest trends in dietetics. According to many, this approach helps in effective weight loss.

Experts say that fasting can trigger mechanisms for energy release, thereby reducing the fat component. They also believe that the optimal diet for intermittent fasting is to divide the food into 2-3 meals over 8 hours. However, many believe that intermittent fasting can slow down their metabolism and, instead of losing weight, they face the opposite effect.

Nevertheless, the debate about intermittent fasting and its health effects continues to this day. Accordingly, Real Research launches a survey on intermittent fasting to find out public opinion on intermittent fasting. Has the public tried intermittent fasting? Does intermittent fasting have many advantages over other dietary regimens? Additionally, what are the pros and cons of intermittent fasting?

So, hurry and share your opinion on a survey on the Real Research App from January 13, 2022. After that, you will receive 10 PLF as a reward.

Survey Details

Survey Title:
A Survey on Intermittent Fasting (IF)

Target Number of Participants:
50,000 Users


Nationality: All
Age: 21-99
Gender: All
Resident Country: All
Marital Status: All
Language: All
KYC Level: All

Note: This survey is closed. You can view the results here – Survey Results on the Popularity of Intermittent Fasting.