The political conflict between Russia and Ukraine have led to war, despite the existence of many peace-enforcing organizations. To specify, Russia began its invasion of Ukraine on February 20, 2022. Many nations were expecting the issue to resolve through the intervention of many countries, but with close to no success. Furthermore, it has been 5 months since the war began, killing thousands of civilians and soldiers in its wake. This is in addition to many people who were also displaced from their homes, schools also were shut down, health services were affected, etc. Thousands of Ukraine citizens have fled the country in the past 5 months and are seeking shelter in neighboring countries.

What’s more, the war did not bring a solution to the existing crisis between Russia and Ukraine. Furthermore, many other countries fear that this might escalate tensions between other countries. With the weapons of mass destruction such as nuclear and atomic bombs, no country can afford to start a war as it might lead to World War III.

The art and media industries were also seemingly affected because of the persistent war amid the past five months of the war. Many are also adding the fact that there is also no good coming out of it. There are also reports of many events being canceled. Russian artists who do not necessarily endorse the war are being restricted and canceled from performing due to their origins.

Accordingly, Real Research aims to see the public opinion on the Russia-Ukraine war on the survey on five months into Russia-Ukraine war. This survey inquires about the biggest impact of the war. It also seeks opinions on questions about the effectiveness of the anti-Russian sanctions so far, who is expected to win this war, etc.

Hence, hurry and share your opinion on a survey on five months into Russia-Ukraine war on the Real Research App from July 29, 2022. After that, you will receive 30 TNC as a reward.

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Survey on Five months into Russia-Ukraine War

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30,000 Users


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