Since its debut in Italy, the home of pizza, Domino’s failed to gain traction. The last of the Domino’s Pizza locations in Italy have shuttered and left after the company that owned them filed for bankruptcy. According to sources, Covid-19 also played a significant part in affecting the franchise holder gravely.

According to the bankruptcy proceedings, the firm directly controlled 23 locations in Italy as of 2020, with another six stores handled through sub-franchising. Meanwhile, the United Kingdom and Ireland have over 1,200 Domino’s locations, making it Europe’s largest Domino’s market.

When Domino’s first arrived in Italy seven years ago, it tried to differentiate itself from the country’s traditional pizza producers by offering a full home delivery service and a menu that included US-style toppings like pineapple. During the pandemic, however, it faced rising competition as local eateries joined meal delivery services such as Deliveroo and Just Eat. The firm also faced more competition as traditional eateries began using delivery applications.

As part of the bankruptcy procedure, the company was granted 90 days of protection from its creditors. However, the said protection expired last month. The Italian company has already begun to reduce its operations from its peak in 2020, with deliveries ceasing at the end of July.

After learning that the fast-food giant was leaving Italy, some social media users celebrated. A journalist shared their sentiments, saying it’s a wonder Dominos could survive in New Jersey, let alone in Italy, the birthplace of pizza. On top of that, another tweet compared opening Domino’s in Italy to selling snow at the North Pole.

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