India attempts to deal with a diplomatic crisis due to controversial remarks made by Nupur Sharma–a Hindu official from Bhartiya Janata Party. According to reports, the remarks were regarding Islam and the Prophet Muhammad. In detail, Nupur Sharma made offensive remarks on the last Prophet of Muslims, creating outrage in the entire Muslim world. Moreover, Saudi Arabia, Pakistan, UAE, Oman, and Kuwait have registered their protests internationally.

Some of the countries are ending export ties with India. In a recent statement by a BJP spokesperson, he said that it does not represent the collective ideology, it is just a personal opinion.  Similarly, Indian expatriates living in Muslim Countries fear that they might face backlash from community members.

India has the largest minority of Muslims and many such statements are likely to hurt sentiments and create uncomfortable situations among the masses. Political analysts fear that such statements can weaken Indian ties with Gulf countries.

The incident gathered multiple opinions. Accordingly, Real Research aims to see the public opinions on the diplomatic backlash by Muslim countries against India over Nupur Sharma’s remarks against the Holy Prophet. It asks respondents how they feel about such situations. Likewise, it also asks respondents if it is justified to cut off diplomatic ties with a country over one person’s statement. In addition, it inquires if this statement comes under freedom of speech. 

Hence, hurry and share your opinion on the survey on the Diplomatic backlash by Muslim countries against India over Nupur Sharma’s remarks survey on the Real Research App from June 18, 2022. After that, you will receive 12 TNC as a reward.

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