Park Kwang-il, a famous Korean language instructor, has been recently arrested for allegedly posting numerous malicious comments on websites. In addition, the investigation revealed that he even established a company where he hired part-timers to be dedicated to fabricating negative online comments. Moreover, they allegedly used a virtual private network (VPN) in the Philippines to avoid the tracking of their IP addresses.

Consequently, these online comments led to slandering other instructors. Thus, it resulted in manipulating public opinion. Accordingly, in this Real Research survey, we aim to know the opinion of Koreans regarding the controversy among malicious comment-making part-time jobs for online courses.

For instance, are these comments actually affecting people’s choices? Furthermore, what are their views on multiple part-timers who manipulate comments?

Therefore, join this short economy-related survey on the Real Research survey app. It will be available on the application for South Koreans from January 21. Hurry and complete the survey.  After that, TNC Coins will be given as rewards.

Survey Details

Survey Title:
Comment-Making Part-Time Jobs for Online Courses Survey

Target Number of Participants:


Nationality: South Korea
Age: All
Gender: All
Resident Country: South Korea
Marital Status:  All
Language: Korean
KYC Level: All