The United Arab Emirates, like other Muslim-led countries in the region, prohibits promoting anything related to LGBTQ. This also includes countries such as Saudi Arabia, Lebanon, Kuwait, Egypt, Indonesia, Malaysia, and China. Recently, Disney’s Buzz Lightyear movie was supposedly banned due to scenes containing scenes related to LGBTQ. The producer of the movie also reportedly said that she assumed the film wouldn’t open in China after Disney declined to make the cuts authorities had asked for.

The film, which stars Chris Evans as Buzz Lightyear from the Toy Story films, says the scene plays a vital point in the plotline, showing Buzz lightyear the importance of having a relationship.  Moreover, Chris Evans stated the worldwide objections to the LGBTQ scenes were “frustrating”. Nonetheless, for the Muslim-led nations, these westernized cultural references and characters go against their religious beliefs. There has been much debate and consideration about the movie. Many suggest that the contents should be culturally appropriate for the general masses to enjoy.

Thus, Real Research launched a survey on Buzz Lightyear banned in 14 Countries for the LGBTQ scene. The survey seeks to find out the public opinion about this incident. The survey aims to find out public opinions about media adjusting and editing content to be culturally appropriate for all audiences.

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