So far, all blockchain projects operate on a blockchain network to carry out the project’s functionality and launch a digital currency. Hence, the project can run either on an open-source blockchain or on its own mainnet. A mainnet, or main network is a stand-alone blockchain network. A project with its own mainnet is independent.

A company that launches a mainnet can avoid restrictions, usually terms of code and consensus. Thus, to depart from such, some projects opt to hard fork or create their own mainnet to enjoy more flexibility. Moreover, aside from the technical advantages, mainnet launch is celebrated by most blockchain projects. Being able to undergo a mainnet swap is good news as it means progress for crypto projects.

In wanting to dive deeper into the sensation of having launched a mainnet. TNC IT Group sponsored a Real Research survey to measure the public’s perception towards mainnet launching and the appeal to a company’s reputation.

TNC IT Group especially invites crypto investors, holders, and traders from selected countries to participate as respondents to this survey launching on November 29th on the Real Research survey app. All who complete the Mainnet Launching Perception Survey will receive 3 TNC Coins as a bounty for their opinion.

Note: This survey is closed. You can view the results here – Mainnet Impacts On A Crypto Companies’ Reputation.