To begin with, a blockchain-based betting platform represents an online arena for gambling. More so, gaming, and betting primarily deal with cryptocurrencies.

Significantly, cryptocurrency casinos and lottery are popular in various parts of the world due to the anonymity conferred by the blockchain — the pull of online game variations with often zero transaction fees and unlimited free daily transactions is also a plus.

With the rise of cryptocurrency investors globally, mainly due to the COVID-19 recession, new crypto-casinos have been launched. Homeros, a blockchain-powered online gambling platform, focuses on game development, players, and merchants. The company is conducting a survey to understand their users’ preferences on crypto gambling.

Cryptocurrency enthusiasts, gamblers, and players can participate in this Real Research survey. Participate in the survey starting from December 18 to 23, and earn 10 TNC Coins.

The survey has expired. You can view the results here – Cryptocurrencies Welcomed in the Online Betting Industry.