Gender discrimination in South Korea refers to the unequal opportunities and treatment men and women face in various situations. Derived from patriarchal ideologies and practices, gender inequality in South Korea is ranked as one of the highest in the world.

As some restaurants are recently found out to serve the food portion differently as per gender, this issue has been controversial. The portion being different, despite charging the same price, is seen as an obvious case of gender discrimination.

Taking this into consideration, Real Research aims to know Koreans’ opinions on gender discrimination in everyday life. Where do they usually experience gender discrimination? What do they think is the most important factor to consider in reducing gender discrimination?

We are inviting all South Korean users to share their thoughts with us. Complete this short survey on the Real Research survey app from January 18, 2021. Those who will answer this survey will earn 10 TNC Coins as rewards.

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Gender Discrimination Public Poll

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