When it comes to healthy food, home-cooked meals usually trumps fast-food options. With an urban society’s fast-paced lifestyle, fast food and restaurant-served meals are more accessible, available, and convenient than cooking food at home.

All thanks to the fast-food concept and businesses that grew out of American Capitalism, our world today enjoys fast-served food at a very affordable price. Set in a highly competitive market, fast-food chains offer a more indulgent and high-calorie menu to the public.

According to Business Insider, American children are eating more fast food than ever before. In fact, fast-food consumption rose during the COVID-19 pandemic, with hot dog sales annually increased more than 120% in 2020. How often do people really eat out? What would be the probable reasons why people prefer to eat ready meals or fast food than home-cooked meals?

In this Real Research survey open from January 6 to 11, we aim to measure the food intake of the general population. This survey is designed to understand food preference mainly between fast food, takeout meals, or home-cooked meals on typical days. All participating respondents will receive 10 TNC Coins for their participation.

Note: This survey is closed. You can view the results here – Meal Preference: Fast Food vs. Home-Cooked Meals.