Cryptocurrencies are widely known today due to their unique and disruptive ecosystem. Many of the people who engage in Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies are risk-hungry traders who want to take advantage of the volatility of the market. However, for others who are not into trading, crypto doesn’t offer that much advantage over traditional money.

In this sense, ABBC Foundation, the company behind the ABBC Coin, has committed itself to drive crypto adoption by introducing digital payment solutions. ABBC Foundation has collaborated with the Real Research survey app and launched a survey.

The survey aims to know whether more people will be persuaded to join in the crypto bandwagon if they can spend crypto easily to purchase goods and services. Also, to gather insights into the general public’s perception of cryptocurrency and other existing methods for digital payment.

In support of the ultimate goal of ABBC Foundation, Real Research invites you to participate in this rewarded survey open to only 2000 users in South Korea. Every participant who completes the survey will get 3 TNC Coins. The ABBC Foundation sponsored the rewards for this survey.

Note: This survey is closed. You can view the results here – Survey Respondents Eager To Use Crypto In Payments.