The term Crypto M&A has recently surfaced along with the growing mergers and acquisitions (M&A) in the crypto industry. After the golden year of crypto alongside the booming ICO market, Crypto Mergers and acquisitions have surged in number.

Crypto M and A include two main concepts. At first, the term undertakes the definition of M&A in the business world. It includes mergers, acquisitions, and even acquihire for the purpose of both strategic and financial gains.

Second, crypto M&A may refer to the acquisition of cryptocurrencies through the token swap. The process allows the merging of cryptocurrencies into one asset. Though this is not a concept possible in the traditional financial sense, it is technically possible in the digital field of crypto through the token swap process.

In this sponsored Real Research survey, TNC IT Group wants to measure the overall awareness about Crypto M&A’s the definition, capability, and advantage. Moreover, TNC if crypto community participants will be open to the concept and on what grounds will they find a token swap-based Crypto M&A will be a benefit for them.

The survey will be available on the Real Research survey application within five days from November 24. Exactly 5000 survey respondents will receive 5 TNC coins for their participation. Check the app to know if your profile is eligible to participate as a respondent.

Note: This survey is closed. You can view the results here – Acqui-hiring Top Reason for Crypto M&A.