To begin with, 2020 has brought changes to everyone’s lives. Alongside this, people’s coping mechanisms have been in play.  Whether to adjust to a new work environment, fight off the loneliness and overthinking or being comfortable with the new norm of staying at home.

COVID Blues is a form of situational depression which is being experienced by numerous individuals at this time. It is hard to stay positive amidst a pandemic situation and the mental health of many have been affected.

Therefore, Real Research aims to know how aware people are about COVID Blues. Have they have experienced this mental state. In line with this, we want to know the public’s perspective on what can be the most effective way to deal with COVID blues.

We invite interested users to answer our survey between December 26 to 31 only. In return, survey participants get 10 TNC Coins as rewards for their survey participation.

This survey has expired. You can view the results here – Insights On COVID Blues Awareness Survey.