We live in a world where the things we need can only be got in exchange for money via a variety of forms. Money is important, after all, one needs money for almost every basic need. Thus, it plays a vital role in maintaining a ‘system’ of ‘give and take’. Traditionally, money came as coins, seashells, etc. Later on, a monetary system came to be along with the introduction of paper money.

Presently, the physical form of money has multiple alternatives such as digital and electronic forms redeemed by cards and electronic payments. These Electronic payments are made through online banking, mobile banking, and NFC (Near Field Communication). Such electronic or digital payments are widely used due to their convenience, versatility, relative security, etc.

Additionally, many businesses, big or small, are simultaneously accepting physical and digital payments alike. Further on, reasons such as convenience, security, and a digital trail encourage businesses toward a more cashless society. However, for businesses, setting up a digital payment device or service involves considering multiple factors including cost, availability, and knowledge.

Thus, Real Research launched a survey on consumer payment system adoption by corporates and business owners leading to a cashless society. The survey aims to find current and preferred payment methods, influences, and factors that come into consideration when installing digital payment devices, etc.

Hence, hurry and answer the survey on the Real Research app from April 27, 2022. After that, you will receive 7 GSTRM as a reward.

Survey Details

Survey Title:
Consumer Payment System Adoption By Corporates and Business Owners Leading to a Cashless Society

Target Number of Participants:
50,000 Users


Nationality: All
Age: 21-99
Gender: All
Resident Country: All
Marital Status: All
Language: All
KYC Level: All

Note: This survey is closed. You can view the results here – 54.66% Say Cashless Society Will Boost Sales for Businesses.