Crypto traders got their eyes glued on Bitcoin (BTC) as it reached a new all-time high. BTC price surged recently passing the $36,000 mark, its highest value after 12 years of its creation. It is up at an average of 80% over the past month and 305% over the past year.

While Bitcoin peaks, the crypto market is gaining various reactions from investors, traders, and the general public. For those who hold Bitcoins, the anticipation of a price drop is alarming. It’s a risky stage, and no one knows when and how the bitcoin asset will deep dive. Moreover, based on history, Bitcoin’s performance significantly affects the crypto market which includes altcoin prices.

As many investors and financial institutions show interest, Real Research aims to listen to what the general public thinks of the BTC bull run. Does it make them want to invest in BTC or other cryptocurrency assets? Or for those who already hold BTC right now, when do they think it will start to plummet.

The survey is open to the public, most especially those who are interested in Bitcoin trading. For every completed survey, respondents will get 10 TNC Coins as rewards. The number of respondents that will be accommodated is limited to specific respondents who meet the target respondent criteria. Download the Real Research app and check the survey that will run from January 26.

Survey Details

Survey Title:
Bitcoin Price Surge Public Poll

Target Number of Participants:


Nationality: All
Age: All
Gender: Male, Female
Resident Country: All
Relationship:  All
Language: English, Korean, Russian
KYC Level: All

Note: This survey is closed. You can view the results here – Bitcoin Price Surges: What People Believe.