The NFT Effect and Rise of Play-to-Earn (P2E) Blockchain Gaming

RR Author May 19, 2022


This Real Research Media Report is a compilation of interesting findings gathered from thousands of honest, reliable, and organic respondents. In particular, this report is focused on the popularity and adoption of non-fungible tokens (NFTs), blockchain gaming, and cryptocurrency.

It is no secret that blockchain technology continues to gain even more popular across the globe. In fact, many sectors are slowly beginning to see the potential and infinite possibilities that come with blockchain power. This includes the financial sector which is slowly allowing its customers to invest in crypto as well as the government sector which is legalizing crypto trading. In addition, the art industry has also embraced blockchain technology with NFTs. Similarly, the gaming industry has taken a liking to the use of NFTs via blockchain-driven games.

The use of NFTs is further revolutionizing the potential of blockchain power. For instance, it offers clients the use of ownership which is a feature that is needed in almost every sector. Presently, NFTs are bought, sold, and held as collectibles, where fair trading and transparent record-keeping have been made possible. In 2021, the value of NFT trading exceeded $23 billion with the price of the most valuable NFT at $91.8 million. However, NFTs with use cases can sometimes hold more value.