Social Media and the Shift to the Online World

RR Author April 27, 2022

Social Media: A Revolution of the Online Space

Are Social Media Platforms Running the Modern World?



This Real Research Media Report is a compilation of interesting findings gathered from thousands of honest, reliable, and organic respondents. In particular, this report is focused on media-centric findings. No doubt, the media has grown into a huge entity since the late town crier. At first, the average citizen would get their news and information from word of mouth.

Eventually, we moved into an era that discovered electricity, and later, the Internet. Thus, humanity’s source of information went from printed papers to radio and television broadcasts to the Internet. The latter paired with mobile devices gave birth to a whole new medium — new media. This new media is mostly led by online forums, chatrooms, websites, and most importantly — social media.

So comfortable has humanity becomes that media is no longer used the most to transmit news; rather, we have begun to use media predominantly to network. In turn, social media platforms became the new norm for meeting new people or staying in touch with one another.